If you’ve ever tried to Get Rid of Your Old Refrigerator without help, you know it’s not something you can do alone. Especially if you want to avoid scuff marks on the kitchen floor. A refrigerator can be particularly heavy and clumsy to haul around. On top of that, you can’t merely throw out a refrigerator. Unfortunately, most Louisville-based trash collection providers will not take your old fridge even if you drag it to the curbside.

Therefore, getting rid of it might be a significant hassle. Here, you’ll find information that will make dumping your old refrigerator quick, simple, and stress-free. So get Rid of your old Refrigerator today!

  • Inquire about a disposal service from the store where you purchased your new refrigerator.
  • Recycle your old fridge at a local center. 
  • Give your secondhand refrigerator to a good cause. 
  • Hire a Right Way Hauling to remove and dispose of your old refrigerator. 

Most people would name the refrigerator one of the most used kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, your refrigerator will eventually break down like other major home appliances. You will need to purchase a more modern, energy-efficient model at some point. What are you going to do with the old fridge, though? How are you going to get rid of your old refrigerator?

1. Exchange working refrigerators at the store or factory

It would be best if you inquired about your old fridge’s disposal before spending money on a new one. One’s old refrigerator can be discarded with no effort on the environment. When you purchase a new refrigerator from a store that offers one-to-one trade-in services, the old one will be removed from your home and either recycled or refurbished. If the store is delivering your refrigerator anyhow, this is a friendly added service they may offer. Others insist on the appliance’s continued operability to ensure quality disposal. There may be a fee of $10 – $50 for this added service. Remember that the one-on-one pickup service may be necessary if you buy a new appliance from some stores.

2. Don’t throw away your old fridge; recycle it!

Where can I dispose of my old refrigerator for free? Recycling your old fridge is possible if it’s in good condition and complies with local rules. A refrigerator can be recycled without any special knowledge or equipment. You can get rid of your old refrigerator with the help of your local garbage management service or hire a junk removal service like Right Way Hauling to do it for a small fee. In addition, there are more appliance recycling programs sponsored by various municipal utilities and environmental organizations. Free refrigerator disposal near me is an often-used search term for folks looking for options, so get in touch with LG&E for more information. Recycling your old fridge is good for the planet.

You can do your part to slow the depletion of the ozone layer and slow global warming by recycling your refrigerator. Because recycling refrigerators prevents the discharge of harmful greenhouse gases such as freon into the air, water, and soil, it is an ideal way to help reduce landfill trash and energy use. But you’ll have to find the closest recycling center and get your old, dirty fridge there. Rarely will you find a place that will recycle refrigerators for free! 

Get rid of your old refrigerator

3. Give your secondhand refrigerator to a good cause.

Local organizations will gratefully welcome your used fridge if it is in good functioning order. Find out if a local organization to get rid of your old refrigerator by calling them. It’s generally up to you to transport the fridge to the donation site. Some organizations will come to your house and pick up heavy appliances like refrigerators for free. Giving a fridge to charity is great, but getting it there might be a hassle. Contact St. Vincent dePaul in Louisville to see if they’re accepting donations. 

4. Get rid of your old refrigerator by throwing it away with the trash.

You may think about ditching your old fridge and letting the city pick up the slack. While it’s easy to see the appeal, this approach has other problems, including the fact that it’s horrible for the environment. You should schedule a pickup appointment with your garbage provider at least 2 weeks in advance or wait until your trash collectors collect heavy items. Enforcement of mandatory collection and recycling of large home appliances and the disposal of kitchen and other large appliances in landfills has been banned in Kentucky as part of an effort to decrease landfill trash. 

Many communities will ask that you get rid of your old refrigerator at a recycling center or landfill. In addition to paying the disposal fee, you’ll need to hire a professional to take apart the fridge, remove the compressor, and drain the coolant. The doors should be taken off the hinges in advance, so plan accordingly. Keep the doors open and untaped. Tape used to seal a refrigerator or freezer is illegal in most places, including landfills. 

5. Get rid of your old refrigerator or freezer by hiring a junk removal service.

Hiring Right Way Hauling junk removal service to collect, take away, and get rid of your old refrigerator and save yourself the time, effort, and potential annoyance of doing it yourself. The amount we charge to come to get your old fridge and take it away for recycling is worth the time and effort. 

Learn how much it costs to get rid of your old refrigerator and other old appliances with our cost-effective junk hauling services Junk removal with Right Way Hauling is quick, simple, and inexpensive, and we offer our services across Louisville and surrounding areas. We provide transparent, no-haggle pricing and can remove your unwanted refrigerator tomorrow while also recycling it in an environmentally responsible manner. Recycling and disposal services for old appliances As an added safety measure, Right Way Hauling guarantees!

Suppose you choose to have a junk removal company haul off your old refrigerator instead of worrying about the expense and hassle of renting a truck, wasting valuable time and energy, and asking your friends to help you. In that case, it’s essential to choose the right one.

While there are many options for professional junk removal, Right Way Hauling offers a lot that other junk removal services don’t.

Best refrigerator removal service!

Right Way Hauling refrigerator removal and disposal services. Let us help you get rid of your old refrigerator.

Bathroom Renovation Demolition

Remember, don’t pollute

There are numerous advantages to recycling programs over landfills to dispose of refrigerators. The landfill space saved by recycling items like refrigerators is put to better use, and recyclable resources like steel and copper are also reclaimed. But an old refrigerator or freezer has a lot more potential than just as a source of metal. Most household appliances depend on chemicals to function, chemical compounds that pose risks to the environment if not disposed of correctly. Mainly applicable to fridges.

Value and Convenience

We value your convenience and comfort above all else as a full-service rubbish removal company that knows that happy customers are the key to success. So the experts from Right Way Hauling will come conveniently and help you get rid of your old refrigerator from your home, wherever it may be, without requiring you to lift or move it. Right Way Hauling also provides low-cost curbside collection service in case you aren’t home when they come to remove your old fridge.

Guaranteed Quote

Right Way Hauling delivers an instant, guaranteed quotation 20-30% lower than those other guys charge. While every other rubbish removal company in the industry requires you to have them come out and give you a “free” onsite quote, wasting your time and forcing you to negotiate over the price. 

Wrapping things up

Right Way Hauling is an innovator in the junk removal market since it uses its in-house technology to keep consumers abreast of its pickup’s progress and the whereabouts of its Loader team at all times. You won’t have to waste your day waiting around for them because you’ll know when they’re approaching. Using Right Way Hauling, removing your old refrigerator will be a breeze instead of a cumbersome ordeal. Get rid of your old refrigerator the Right Way!

  1. What to do with old refrigerators?

    Call Right Way Hauling at 502-938-7619 to schedule a pick-up date and time.

  2. How to get rid of a refrigerator for free?

    Call Metro Call in Louisville at 311 to see if they have information on junk pickup or donations.

  3. How do I know when I need to throw away my fridge?

    If you notice Excessive Condensation,
    The Motor is Running Hot,
    Your Food Is Rapidly Spoiling,
    Ice is Starting to Build Up in the Freezer,
    It’s more than 10 years old,
    Your Fridge isn’t Energy Efficient.

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