We are thrilled to offer free estimates for all our junk-hauling services! With no cost or obligation, you can get an accurate assessment of how your project will look and how much it will cost – all from the comfort of your home. When you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that every estimate is tailored to meet your individual needs and budget. We take pride in offering high-quality service without hidden fees or fine print. Step into a brighter future with us!

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Right Way Hauling Services is a team of trusted professionals dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service and top-notch hauling solutions. Our experienced staff has been providing reliable, efficient junk removal and hauling services for years, relieving the stress of moving or disposing of heavy items.

We specialize in residential, office & commercial moves and are committed to quality work within budget and on time. With our vast range of truck sizes and same-day availability, we make moves quick & straightforward! Highly skilled at loading, transporting, and unloading large furniture pieces wherever you need them to go; you can trust us with your prized possessions. Make your next move with Right Way Hauling Services – it will be hassle-free and professional!

Junk Removal Services
One Call for All Junk Removal

Have you got Junk? If you’ve asked yourself, “Do I really need all of this junk?” but don’t want to spend your valuable free time hauling it away, a professional junk hauling service is the perfect solution! You can book a team of experts to come over and pick up your unwanted clutter in no time. We will bring specialized haulers and equipment to quickly transport it all away regardless of how big or heavy the items are.

And they ensure your space looks clean and organized while taking special care not to damage any stairs, furniture, or other items. With one call, you can be free from your excess stuff with reliable convenience and expertise – now that’s what I call awesome!

Property Preservation Services
Property Preservation & Restoration

Property Preservation & Restoration, Junk Removal Service, is a one-stop shop for all your home project needs. From emergency cleanups to maintenance plans and total property restoration, we’re here to help restore order, structure, and beauty to your environment. Our experienced team of professionals is equipped with the right tools, materials, and technology to ensure every project is completed precisely.

And our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service guarantees you’ll be satisfied with the final results! So whether you’re looking to get rid of junk or need a place where stressed-out homeowners can find help in restoring their properties to their former glory. Right Way Hauling’s Property Preservation & Restoration Junk Removal Services has covered you! Moreover, our eco-friendly services leave no mess behind so that even Mother Nature approves!

demolition services

If you’re planning a room remodel, such as a bathroom or a kitchen, you may wonder if you need to contact a demolition contractor to tear out the old fixtures and materials. The answer depends on the scope of your project. For example, you probably won’t need to hire a demolition contractor if you’re replacing a few cabinets or installing new countertops. However, if you’re gutting the entire space and starting from scratch, you will need to hire someone to tear everything out and haul it away.

When hiring a demolition contractor, rest assured we have the experience and qualifications. Right Way Hauling is the perfect contractor for you. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting, hauling, and disposal so you can focus on the fun part – designing your new room, kitchen, or bathroom!

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“My wife and I established Right Way Hauling in 2019! We’re both Louisville natives who wanted to see cleaner communities. We ensure all loads are discarded in appropriate locations! We, much like others, wanted to own our own business! I work as a Local 70 union ironworker, and my wife is a fantastic waitress. We contributed to our community by keeping it tidy one load at a time! We have seven family members, three girls, one boy, and another girl on the way! We’re all big outdoors fans and enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, and camping”.

Marvin Greenfield

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