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St Matthews Junk Disposal Service

St Matthews Junk Disposal

Have you got Junk?

Our St Matthews Junk Disposal Service and junk pick up is an absolute lifesaver! Our fast, friendly staff provides the finest service when hauling unwanted bulky items. So we can take care of it in no time, whether it’s a couch, mattress, dresser, or even random debris cluttering your house for years.

Not only will we remove your belongings efficiently and responsibly, but we’ll also ensure eco-friendly disposal practices, so you can rest assured knowing you’re doing your part to help keep the environment clean. With Right Way Hauling’s St Matthews Junk Disposal Service and junk pick-up, you never have to worry about dealing with all those extra items again.

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St Matthews, KY is a thriving and vibrant community in the heart of Kentucky. The city is just a quick 10-minute drive south of downtown Louisville, making it an ideal destination for anyone searching for a balance between big-city life and small-town charm. St Matthews is one of the state’s most exciting cities with its beautiful parks, welcoming atmosphere, vibrant culture, and many local amenities. Throughout the year, numerous festivals, events, and activities attract countless visitors from around the region.. Exploring here is truly an unforgettable experience!